Countless casualties of abortion since 1973. Time to close the book.

Dear America:

It's time to permanently close the curtain on abortion and the abortion cartels. No, it's past time. And the time is now.

We're approaching a half century of “legalized” abortion in America since Roe vs. Wade. Millions upon millions of unborn children snuffed out in the womb and even outside the womb. Millions of moms bearing lifetimes of guilt, pain, shame, anguish for a decision they originally viewed as simple as a benign tumor, sacrificing their innate maternal instincts, some becoming suicidal and sadly proceeding with it. Millions of fathers also bearing the unbearable for something they thought then was little more than an inconvenience, depriving them of their fatherhood. Millions of children who never got to grow up with siblings that were surgically stifled in the wombs of their moms. All in the name of “choice”.

You have utterly depraved “doctors” like George Tiller, Kermit Gosnell, Ullrich Klopfer and others who made horrific news as a result of their actions as abortionists. And that doesn't include Planned Parenthood and other abortion personnel who openly celebrate their grisly barbaric conduct.

Meanwhile, we continue to fund the abortion industry with our federal dollars as we did in the most recent government funding bill passed and signed into law by President Trump, legislation which virtually none of our elected representatives read. Absolutely pathetic.

Truthfully, it's sickening.

It was President Truman who gave us that phrase we've heard over the years, “the buck stops here”. And perhaps he was prescient to figure out what would lie down the road with future presidents.

Unfortunately, the buck (both literally & figuratively) has not stopped, neither in Congress, nor the White House, nor in legislatures so hellbent on keeping the sacrament of abortion on state books. Sure, we've seen Congress and the Oval Office, as well as many legislatures, over the years successfully put restrictions on the abortion industry. All well and good, though with mixed results.

But at the same time we've also seen excellent legislation get struck down by leftist (and even some not so left) judges, doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood and their cohorts at the American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) who can't bear the thought of a single solitary restriction or inconvenience that might protect a mom and her would be child from suffering a fate beyond words.

So many of us have looked to Washington or various state capitols for the abortion buck to stop there, if you will, not to mention the courts, only to often be monstrously disappointed.

At this point, I do not want it to go unnoticed that there are many fabulous pro-life organizations which have tirelessly worked to end abortion in America, be it at the legislative level or directly out on the front lines or both. I daresay we would not be where we are without them. Two of the ones I feel merit special praise for their penetrations into the cartels are Operation Rescue & the Pro-Life Action League, not to mention David Daleidin and the Center for Medical Progress which blew the lid off of Planned Parenthood's body parts scandal, only to face trial, persecution and punishment for courageously going undercover to expose the cartels.

Troy & Cheryl at OR and David at CMP have painstakingly done so much to shut down the cartels and have done everything possible to close clinics across America. They should get the Nobel Prize for their tireless work.

And I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to some of the conservative and Christian legal groups fighting the left in the courts. Special mention goes to Liberty Counsel, the Thomas More Law Center, the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) and the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Without legal powerhouses like these, the pro-life movement would be a shell of an existence of what it is today.

Yet there is one reason why abortion exists today. It's because, as my late beloved pastor Ken Bonner has said, it is by permission of the church. And I'm sure other men of the cloth have echoed similarly.

Shocking statement? Not really. To be sure, there are “Christian” denominations which outrightly sanction the murder of unborn children in the womb. Their names include the United Church of Christ (UCC), Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church USA, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) and to a certain extent, the United Methodist Church (UMC). Of course, there are pastors and others inside some of these denominations trying to purge their pro-abortion hierarchy and pull the denomination back to God and the Word. We're thankful for these folk but we're not talking about these denominations which have many things in common with the reprobate churches Jesus condemned or partially condemned in Revelation 2 & 3, namely Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis and Laodicea.

We're talking about churches and denominations that name the name of Jesus but are silent (thru word, deed or both) on the devastation of abortion. I won't name those here but if you have any kind of pulse as to our social culture, you could perhaps rattle off a bunch of them and the proverbial shoe would fit.

In other words, the buck is supposed to stop with the Church of Jesus Christ but it's not. However, if God is in this, that is all about to dramatically change.

It's way past time to bring down the curtain on abortion in America and the abortion industry.

Enter The Last Clinic (TLC).

Currently, according to this website, there are six states with one remaining surgical abortion clinic. They are Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, West Virginia and North & South Dakota. Of those six, three have been in the news over the last year in their efforts to become the first abortion free state. Those three have been Kentucky, Missouri & Mississippi. Mississippi's former governor Phil Bryant has made it clear his desire to shut down the remaining clinic in Jackson and so has the Republican run state legislature and they have worked to do so but courts and the ACLU as well as Jackson politics have prevented it from coming to fruition.

In Kentucky, their governor Matt Bevin, a devout Christian, has been extremely vocal about closing its Louisville mill but he and the state legislature have also been stymied by legal challenges to laws passed. Unfortunately, Gov. Bevin lost his bid for reelection to a Democrat which took significant steam out of the work to make Kentucky abortion free since his replacement is resolutely pro-abortion.

And though Kentucky & Mississippi have aggressively sought to make their states abortion free, none appear to have worked more feverishly to get its remaining mill shut than Missouri. From the state legislature to the state health dept. to then Gov. Eric Greitens and to now current Gov. Mike Parson, there has been an extraordinarily fierce effort to shutter the remaining Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, only to be stifled by a circuit court judge as well as an administrative law judge.

You can read some of last year's items about this clinic, including the work to shut it down and the most recently documented human travesty in November, at the Operation Rescue website by clicking here

As noted on the OR site, there will be an administrative verdict next month as to whether the St. Louis abortuary can remain open. If the state is allowed to permanently shut it down, it will mean Missouri would be the first state without an abortion clinic. Admittedly, its proximity to a recently open mill in Fairview, IL will almost certainly mean an assignment of abortion business from Missouri to Illinois. Of course that would be terribly tragic as lives will be lost. But it would mean one state is entirely abortion free.

Jeremiah 33:3 in the Old Testament states “Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you know not”. To put in the first person, the scripture would say “I will call unto you and you will answer me and show me great and mighty things which I know not.

With Missouri perhaps the nearest state to being abortion free, state and legislative officials committed to making the state such, along with a significantly and distinctly Christian presence in the state and the home state of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod – and the Assemblies of God denomination, AND along with the above verse in Jeremiah (the Lord long ago essentially endorsing Missouri's motto as the Show Me State), The Last Clinic (TLC) proudly designates the state of Missouri as Ground Zero in the mission to make America abortion free and sets in motion a domino effect for the remaining one clinic states to close their doors with other states following suit.

I know, there might be someone who thinks I committed an act of sacrilege by changing the tense of the above verse in Jeremiah. But nothing can be further from the truth. Matter of fact, all we have to do is look at chapter 32, vs. 27 where the Lord says “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh, is there any thing too hard for me?”. Then scroll ten verses up to vs. 17 where Jeremiah essentially answers the Lord by saying “Ah, Lord God, behold you have made the heaven and the earth by your great power and stretched out arm and there is nothing too hard for you”.

It is the conviction of this website's owner and his pending assistant that God wants the Planned Parenthood of St. Louis out of the baby slaughter business and will demonstrate His power to make it occur. It is our firm belief that God Almighty may well bring the end of this abortion mill when every laudable human effort has failed. Of course, He may do so thru state officials and the state legislature. If so, praise God, nothing wrong with that, of course. But again, in the view of this site's director, this clinic's eventual closure will occur according to Zechariah 4:6, “Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.”

Psalm 2:8 states “Ask of me and I shall give you the heathen for your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession.”

We take you literally at your Word, Lord, that you will do just that with the evildoers in PP, the ACLU & their associated ilk.

We are asking the Lord for the demise of every abortion mill in America, bar none. We believe He will grant it. We do believe and acknowledge that He may do so thru human effort. As noted above, that may well happen in some jurisdictions and if so, that's awesome. However these clinics are closed, we give God the glory.

BUT it is again the firm conviction of this website's owner and his associate that God is ready to step in where man has either failed or for, whatever reason (the law, lack of legislative commitment, lack of involvement), has been unable to get the job done. It is our view that per Ephesians 3:20, "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us". God is prepared to use us and any and everyone committed to pushing the abortion industry into extinction. But it will take a belief in the supernatural to be manifest.

We're not going to protest these mills to stand outside, hold signs and counsel women, though we may be tasked to do so. Our primary purpose is to simply pray (in the Spirit and the understanding – I Cor. 14:15) that these clinics will cease to exist by an act of divine intervention. We may well hold up signs and indeed counsel women. We're not going to eliminate any avenue the Lord may use for ministry and deliverance. We will probably play specific spiritual warfare music to expunge the demons of darkness. In short, we will be going to these clinics to ask God, Christ and His Holy Spirit to shine the light into the darkness and demonstrate His power, perhaps in ways never expected or anticipated. We will not put any limitation on His manifested power.

It's time to set the Holy Ghost free so He can do what humans have thus far been fully unable to do. And thus it's time for men and women full of the Holy Ghost to pray down the darkness, cast out the demonic forces running these places of wickedness and once and for all put an end to legalized abortion in the United States.

The naysayers and even well meaning people say it can't be done. Well, I got news for them. It can be done. It must be done. And it will be done.

TLC's first event will be a two hour session praying outside the St. Louis clinic. Further details will be posted in the days ahead but it will be sometime in February or March. It may be before the ruling from the judicial official, it may be after. If the ruling is favorable to shut the clinic down, we know Planned Parenthood and their buds at the ACLU will not go quietly. There will be a ferocious demonic response to keep that evil killing center open, at which point we will commit to spiritual warfare (if we already haven't) and crush PP & the ACLU. So in short, even if the ruling goes our way (God's way), until that clinic is shut, lock stock and barrel, we're going to be present, praying in the Holy Ghost as well as with the understanding.

If an adjudication is made and it is against the state and in favor of PP, we will still hold that session and more as we have the manpower and commitment to do so. We will exercise our authority in Jesus' name (Eph. 6:10-18 and Mark 16:15-18) and commit ourselves to the demise of this abortuary. That means where the state has failed (not failed in “that” sense of the word) to put an end to PP's existence, the Almighty and the Holy Spirit will step in and take over. It means the state of Missouri may need that extra push to make it abortion free and thru divine intervention, we will be the ones to push the state over the top. Then we will all rejoice together.

Make no mistake about it, this is not a matter of if Missouri will be abortion free. It will. It just depends on whether human effort and legislation makes it happen or a supernatural move of the Holy Ghost. We are going into unprecedented territory pertaining to spiritual warfare and we dare to believe that the miracles that occurred in the Book of Acts will occur today or even palce to what will occur today.

And then we will move on to other states. No, make that we will, with divine intervention and the supernatural presence of the Lord, ensure that other states carbon copy what Ground Zero Missouri did.

To that end, we will be seeking state chapter leaders committed to the end of abortion in their states. We will initially look for individuals in the 5 remaining states with just one abortuary to see the Holy Ghost move in their midst. We want those individuals in West Virginia, North & South Dakota, Kentucky and Mississippi to contact us and express their commitment to ending abortion in those states. We will then work our way up to those with maybe 2, 3 or 4 clinics. But we want to start with those with one remaining clinic. The reason for that is that it will be far easier and more quickly to get 6 states with one clinic in existence to be abortion free than to get, say one or two with multiple mills. Make no mistake about it, God can do anything as nothing is impossible with Him (Luke 1:37). But at the same time, we are realistic that some of this may take a while longer and with more personnel on board. That is why our initial concentration will be on states with just one clinic.

Doesn't the thought of being able to say, “hey, America has 6 states abortion free”, sound real good? Well, we can make that a reality. But half the battle is believing for the impossible. Will you believe so?

At this point, if you feel you want to be part of TLC in America (or our parent and flagship group Operation Depletion), please see our Get Involved page. We will post the requirements for Operation Depletion participation sometime in the coming days and weeks for those wanting to get involved with our primary project but requirements for participation in TLC are posted right now for your convenience. I fully realize I posted a long statement here  so I don't want to further come across like an extended windbag. But I am committed to TLC and if you are as well and can meet our requirements, we are excited to have you as part of the mission.

Please direct any questions or comments or decisions to join us to the e-mail address on this site or go to our Contact page. We will get to them as expeditiously as possible. Pray for us. Pray like it means the world. Because it does. And it will.

Yours Truly in the Lord Jesus,

Nedd Kareiva, Founder & Director
The Last Clinic (TLC)

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