Come and be a part of an historic move of God upon America.


If you are interested in joining the TLC team, we would be delighted to chat and if possible, personally meet with and welcome you. Our immediate positions are as prayer coordinators for the six states with a sole surgical abortion clinic remaining. If you are in any of the other states with more than one such clinic, we do want to talk to you, however, if accepted as state coordinator, we will probably not immediately and officially put you in place, though that is subject to change. Our priorities lie with first zeroing out the one clinic states, however, if those fill fast, then we will move to the states with 2-4 such clinics and so on.

Positions are volunteer and non-paid, though depending on how TLC and Operation Depletion develop, that is subject to change. Expense reimbursements and stipends will be issued as funds are available. As of the moment, we haven't set up any mechanism to accept donations, however, anyone who wants to contribute to TLC can contact me privately and we will arrange for your gifts to be accepted. Any gifts will NOT be tax deductible for many reasons which I will not get into here.

Anyone from the six particular states who wants to be prayer coordinator may apply to do so, though because this operation will soon be based in Missouri (with your truly soon hopefully relocating there and with his pending assistant already a resident) and because Missouri is Ground Zero for TLC, the director and assistant reserve the option to assume the leadership position for the Show Me State. However, if you live in the state and are burning to lead the way, do let us know. We do not want to turn away anyone who has a passion or calling to zero out the abortion cartels.

Those who wish to lead their states for TLC should download and complete the application and meet the following requirements:

  1. Possess a personal relationship with Christ as Lord & Savior, AKA being saved/born again. This is a non-negotiable prerequisite. Do not apply if you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ. You know you have the Lord Christ in your heart by unequivocally knowing that should you pass on at any given moment, you have eternal life as you go to be present with the Lord.
  2. Be filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues/other languages (Acts 2:4 & throughout the Book of Acts). This is also non-negotiable, however, on a case by case basis we will consider those who haven't received the heavenly language but are earnestly seeking the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Under no circumstances will anyone opposing the view that the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and the moves of God in the Book of Acts are equally for today as they were back then will be permitted in any leadership role with TLC. This site's director firmly believes that if more people, pastors and churches were filled with the Holy Ghost, revival and revolution would spread like a spiritual earthquake across America and we would see abortuaries and houses of sin and depravity expeditiously vanish similarly as seen in Acts 19:11-20.
  3. Prayer coordinators/leaders do not have to necessarily align/affiliate with a specific Christian denomination, though it's fairly certain someone from a pro-abortion/pro-same sex marriage denomination like the UCC or Episcopal Church will not find themselves in line with us, unless they attend a “rebel” congregation (AKA one that does not subscribe to heresy and leftist Christianity). Same with those who attend fundamentalist churches, which generally are doctrinally solid but reject the move of God as seen in the Book of Acts, for whatever reason. Such people are welcome to join us in our events, frontline protests, etc. but cannot assume any TLC leadership role.
  4. Given that yours truly was once a member of the Catholic Charismatic movement in the late 70s & early 80s, I would definitely welcome the interest of any Catholics baptized in the Holy Ghost. Those who are could very well impact TLC for the good and we will not turn away any such man or woman who has the power of God, if you're out there. If so, come apply to be part of us.
  5. You must be fully pro-life. If you are, you will know what that means and be able to convey it to us. Anyone not fully so will be considered on a case by case basis, though those who have exceptions will be less likely to be in a leadership role. Such will be revealed in your interview with me. I am very astute on this issue so if there is a possibility you will disguise your position, I will well be able to ferret it out. In short, your position should be that of the Lord Jesus Christ who made it crystal clear how he felt about children and the consequences of abusing them (not at all pretty - see Matt. 18:1-6).
  6. You may be asked about your other views on matters of scripture and Christian politics like the LGBT agenda. Since this site's director is also director of Operation Depletion and since pro-abortion folks are usually pro-LGBT folks and since the LGBT agenda is a sizable reason for exiting the public school system, it is essential that your position be pretty much ours. It's possible you may hold a variation to mine but as long as the essentials are there on a relationship with Christ, baptism of the Holy Spirit and pro-life and traditional Christian values, you will probably be OK.
  7. We have no minimum age requirement to be a leader on our team but a degree of maturity is necessary so we know you have what it takes to lead your state's TLC chapter.
  8. Those who satisfactorily complete our application will be contacted for an interview via FB video chat. The interview will not take long, maybe 15 minutes, though that is not a rigid guideline. If you're an individual who loves the Lord, loves pro-life, is involved in Christian politics, etc., we most certainly could hit it off well and converse longer. I enjoy getting to know my Christian brothers & sisters. However, how much time you spend with yours truly on video chat will not be a consideration in whether you are chosen to take on a role of state prayer coordinator (or something else if we have that in place).

    Yours truly is keenly well aware that many folks who use the Internet today, Christian and non-Christian, do not do FB (or Twitter) or used to but closed their accounts. I have myself been close to doing so on FB. I am highly aware of the censorship, antagonism & disdain for the Christian community from FB leaders and personnel. The fact FB is hostile to Christians and conservatives is not up for discussion. It is. I've been censored and suspended several times. I get it. I truly do. But unfortunately, FB, like them or not, is a central point to much in today's life. Many applications in countless areas of life now depend on an FB presence, like it or not. However, the FB video chat tool is a critical one in so many ways that, regardless of like or dislike, connects us in the real world. It is used in job interviews, the work place, at home and so many other venues.

    As such, I believe it is important to know who is on the other end of that application to be part of us and accordingly, I have made the video chat a requirement for any and all interviews. If you don't have FB but want to be in a leadership role with us, you must have an account with them. Now I have no issue if you set up an FB account for the sole purpose of doing your interview with me and then shutting it down. But I need you to set up one just long enough to talk with me. Without it, I cannot bring you aboard. There is no exception unless there's another mechanism in place where both your system and mine can meet together. If you know of one, let me know and I'll see if I can get my system in line with yours. But if not, you must have FB video access.

    Please be advised that I have no interest in scrutinizing your FB accounts (if you have them) as a factor in my decision making. I may or may not check your special pages. Obviously, if I feel I see something untoward, I will use that as a consideration whether to bring you aboard. However, the purpose of any visit I have is not to go over your pages with a white tooth comb. It is, if I do so, to confirm how much of a fit (or lack thereof) you are to the TLC cause.
  9. This interview is not meant to be an interrogation of sorts as that is not how I want to conduct business. I want the interview to be friendly, two-way and we can enjoy getting to know each other in the Lord and personally. But I will need to know where you are on the things we're going to discuss and if I feel that you may be vague on something, I will probe further to ascertain the truth. You won't be asked personal questions that have little to no place in the TLC ministry but it is essential that you be truthful with me on your positions and why you want to be part of us. I am not looking for perfect people, none of us exist. We're all sinners saved by grace. But one thing I cannot abide by is being lied to. Those caught doing so will not ever be considered for any leadership role or if found out later to be in one, quickly terminated.

After the interview, I will promptly let you know your status. If I feel there and then you are to be a leader with us. I will tell you. If I feel you do not fit in with us, I will also tell you, though you can always join us in our events. If I am unsure about your role with us but need to further think it over, I will tell you just that. I will not lie and say “well, I'm thinking about having you come aboard” when such is not the case. I will shoot straight with you. All I ask is you do the same with me, amen?

If the interview is favorable or pending favorable, there will be one more step to complete and that is getting a reference that you have the evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit or that you are earnestly seeking and anticipating being filled. As I said, we must have Spirit filled men and women on the TLC team. That may seem rigid and the detailed process I have set out may arguably be viewed that way but because this is a Pentecostal ministry led by Pentecostals, we must keep this policy uniform. We cannot and will not tolerate division in our ranks. We must be united. There are numerous scriptures for being united and not divided (like Acts 2:1) so this is a no-brainer.

The reference letter can be from a pastor (note that we have no church membership or affiliation requirement, though we believe such is a wise idea), a friend, a colleague, fellow employee or even a family member or relative, as long as he or she can attest to your relationship with the Lord and your baptism in the Holy Spirit or your earnestness in being filled. The letter can be simply be something to the effect of, “I write you on behalf of Tom Smith/Sandy Jones. I know him her rather well. He/she goes to church with me/works with me/is my brother/sister-in-law (etc. etc.). He/she has experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit and is a kind person/a person of good moral character/a faithful Christian (etc. etc.) and would be a good fit in this cause.”

The letter should contain your name, address, e-mail address and the signature of the attester and then e-mailed as an attachment to our e-mail address.

At this point I want to turn to those who may want to be part of us but not in a leadership capacity. We heartily welcome you to the TLC family but I want to quickly address a few other items.

If you are someone from a “quiet” church like the Baptist denomination who may be uneasy about things like speaking in tongues but believe this is not of Satan (believe me, many people in today's churches believe tongues are of the devil) or just want to ignore it altogether, we will never turn you away from affiliating with us as long as you're not here to sow discord and friction on the issue, however, to be a team leader, you must be filled with the Holy Spirit. This is a proudly profoundly Pentecostal ministry, leadership is Pentecostal and there will be zero tolerance for anyone attempting to water it down or seek to divide and conquer.

I am keenly aware that Catholics have historically been the leaders in the pro-life movement. I am hugely thankful for them, even though I left the Catholic Church decades ago. I also know many of them know Jesus as Lord and Savior and though the Catholic Charismatic movement is for the most part a thing of the past, there may still be some out there. If you're one of those, God bless you, regardless of whether you seek to have a role with the TLC cause.

However, and this may be controversial to some (though it really shouldn't be), we will not permit any Catholics to be TLC ministry leaders if they have a public devotion to the Rosary or any other alignment in praying to the saints. Though we will not go out of our way to enforce it, we will discourage all Catholics from bringing Rosary beads or any saint praying devotionals to any of our events. This is not meant to be offensive to Catholics. This is mean to be Biblically faithful and truthful. John 14:6, Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man (or woman) comes unto the Father but by me”. One cannot come to God thru St. Peter, St. Anthony, Mary or praying to anyone else. One can only come to the Father thru Christ Jesus. One cannot come any other way because Jesus alone solely possesses divinity. Mary does not, Joseph does not, Peter does not, no one else does. Therefore not only is it unscriptural to pray to anyone other than God & Christ, it is futile since the saints cannot hear prayers, let alone answer them.

Why is this crucial? Because when we all join together outside the abortion clinics we seek to permanently close, we must all be in agreement together. The Book of Acts is a classic example of what happens when God's people are united in doctrine and when they are not. I Corinthians 1:10 “Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.”.

If we have God's people in front of a clinic we're praying in the Holy Ghost to shut down, it is discord and division when a few others are praying to deceased saints and other individuals while the rest of us are united in doing so. We cannot allow that and that is why we will discourage Rosary and other praying that fails to line up with scripture. We want Catholics to join us in prayer. But those who aren't praying in agreement with us and to God the Father & the Lord Jesus Christ are dividing our cause. We all want the clinics to be out of business. But we're not in unity when we're praying to different individuals. So we ask all Catholics seeking to join us to leave their rosaries and other religious paraphernalia home; better yet, disband them all together. Your spiritual devotion is to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, AKA the Trinity.

I thank God for every pro-life group, organization and person (private or public, such as a lawmaker or governor) who has advanced the pro-life message and cause. I am grateful to everyone who has made an impact over the years in pro-life, big or small, whether it be a conversion to Christ or simply to pro-life, whether it be the shuddering of an abortuary, whether it be an advancement of a good pro-life bill or rescinding of bad pro-life legislation. I honor those who paid the price in life by serving time in the pen (as my late pastor, mom and stepdad did in the 90s). I honor those feverishly working to end the existence of the St. Louis PP, including Gov. Parson and the Missouri state legislature as well as the Missouri Board of Health. But now we need a nudge for the state to finish the job and that nudge will be a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit amidst the darkness there and the Lord using His people to be in joint prayer in the Spirit and in one accord to effect swift justice and an end to the baby killer cartels.

May God bless all who have read this page and seek to become part of the TLC ministry and Operation Depletion commitment to send spiritual shockwaves across the entire nation. Direct involvement with this potentially spiritually explosive cause isn't for everyone. The details and requirements laid out on this page and the home page will no doubt deter some. Hopefully some of those who may indeed be deterred will rethink their position and make the commitment to be part of us and those who still refuse will not be detractors to this cause. The Lord had to narrow Gideon's army in Judges 7 to a mere 300 men committed to win for Israel against the enemy. In similar fashion, may the Lord weed out those who do not belong here and bring armies of His saints to deliver America from the abortion industry. In Jesus' name, Amen!