We are so glad you are here and have chosen to communicate with us. We welcome your thoughts, comments, criticisms (yeah, we take those too) or whatever is on your mind related to the TLC cause (and/or its parent org, Operation Depletion). However, if your criticisms pertain to matters of doctrinal persuasion (like praying the Rosary or to the saints or telling us that tongues and the gifts of the Spirit are not scriptural, not for today or worse, of the devil), your e-mails will promptly be expunged from the TLC system and you will not receive the benefit of a reply. While I do not claim to have mastered the complete Word of God, as a Spirit-filled Christian spanning 6 decades who is a Bible school graduate and served many years in ministry, I can proudly (yet with restraint) state that I am well-versed in the scriptures and at the same time am also very well balanced in the faith, rejecting the Joel Osteens, Creflo Dollar, Ken Copelunds and others who have perverted the gospel of Christ for obscene personal profit and luxury. As St. Paul told Timothy in his first epistle, I know whom I have believed (ch. 1:7).

So you may use the form below to contact me or if you like, send your e-mails to me at admin@thelastclinic.com and I will respond to you as expeditiously as possible. If you want to work in a leadership role with us in your state (or perhaps in some future unstated capacity), please visit our Get Involved page, download and complete the application on the page by the same name and return it to us. Thank you and be richly blest.

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